Monday, January 26, 2015

January Baby Dates

Martin Luther King Jr. did a lot of awesome things for our nation and we are incredibly grateful for how hard he worked to push our nation towards equality. But there are few people more thankful than public school teachers. Why, you may ask, are teachers so grateful? Because the celebration of his accomplishments often leads to a much-needed day off from school ;-) All jokes aside, Dr. King was an impressive man whom we really are thankful for!

On this particular day off from school we were able to gather the little babies at our house for a few hours of "play", which really means chit chat for the mommas. The babes are starting to interact much more than they ever have before and we all can't wait until they actually play with each other!

Of course everyone wanted the same toys that made all the noises 

I know my hand tastes good, but how does yours taste?

Just chill in. . . 

 We forgot to take the picture before Adah had to head out, but Braylen and Amelia Grace cooperated for us;-)

Sadly we were missing one-fourth of our quartet this time around as Cohen battles some nasty viral bugs. We're hoping and praying this is the last of it for him and he can finally get some relief from all these germs!

I don't know who's more excited about their next break from school, us or them??

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