Friday, March 28, 2014

5 on Friday [03.28]

Happy Friday!


 I am so excited for a cozy date night in tonight. After last weekend's whirlwind trip plus all that we have going on Saturday and Sunday, a night tucked in watching Redbox movies and noshing on pizza is just what we need!

 We are halfway to meeting our baby girl!! We had a 20-week appointment at the high-risk OB and he said everything looks great. They even snapped a few pictures of her for us:-) We will go back in two weeks and then again two weeks after that just to make sure she is still rocking along.

Have any of y'all seen The Outsiders movie? I'm watching it with my kiddos this week since we just finished reading the book, and I had forgotten how much I loved it! What a great story and interpretation. Not to mention you get to see a whole slew of actors before they made it to the big times. 

 It's almost April. Holy canoli! How did that happen?? I'm definitely not complaining because it means we are one month closer to summer and our baby girl, but still. Time is flying this year!

Has anyone seen the trailer for The Giver?? I loved the book the first time I read it as a kid, and feel even more in love every time I've taught it. The trailer doesn't look much like the book, but I'm still excited!

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Wedding Weekend

This past weekend we headed down to Jacksonville, FL to witness the beautiful wedding of David's cousin and the love of her life. It was a blur of weekend, but a fun blur! 

The lovely couple-Mr. and Mrs. Della Porta!

The first of many weddings this year!

A shot of half the barn. The decorations were impressive and a great combination of country chic!

The beautiful sun on our last day. . .

Friday, March 21, 2014

5 on Friday [03.21]

Happy Friday!


And the weather craziness continues. By this point in the year we're usually wearing flip flops more than boots, but the same cannot be said this time around. We had a delay earlier this week for icy conditions and the weather peeps are calling for more ick next week. I'm not sure how much more I can take!

115 students turned in projects yesterday. 35 of those projects have 10 parts and the other 80 have 4 parts. You do the math.

Oh, and they took a test too. With short answer questions.

The solution? Lots of grading for Mrs. Mobley.

Have any of y'all ever heard of Sharon Draper?? She is a fantastic young adult author who writes very real stuff that our students absolutely eat up. Well, she's coming to visit our school soon! We are so excited to host her and hear her speak!  

We officially booked our Spring Break trip! Here we come, Charleston!

My students and I have been jamming to the Beach Boys on Pandora this week after reading a reading comprehension on their history, and we are all loving it! Puts us in the perfect warm weather mood and gets us all ready for Spring Break. Too bad it's a month away. . .

Monday, March 17, 2014

Life is Good

I haven't really done a "life lately" post in a long while, so I figure I'll go ahead and update you on the shenanigans of our world!

First of all, don't drink the water at school. . .

Going left to right, I'm due in August, Brittany is due in June, Stephanie is due in April, and Rachel is due any day now! And our principal had a baby this past December. Gotta love this season of life:-)

Speaking of babies, how precious is this sweet face??

Our anatomy scan went really well last week. The doctor and ultrasound tech said everything looked great and SHE seems to be growing very well. She was already 8oz (a smidge bigger than the usual 6oz they see around 18 weeks) and had the four chambers of her heart and lobes of her brain. Yay! Another relief was that she didn't have a cleft palette, which is always a concern with the presence of prednisone. Praises all around! 

David isn't a huge fan of the doctor at the high-risk OB, but I love him. He's a straight shooter who doesn't try to hide anything. David hates the fact that he has NO bedside manner. I love the fact that he lets me come back whenever I want just to ease my mind. So, we will be going back in a week and a half to just make sure everything is still going well because the 20 week mark is around the time they think Emerson passed. We would appreciate any and all prayers over the next couple of months as we navigate this scary (for us) time period.

Thursday included a special delivery to my classroom. . .

Beautiful pink roses from my daddy to celebrate our baby girl! And Friday included two more gifts for this spoiled girl. . .
To say her grandparents are wrapped around her teeny, tiny finger would be a very accurate statement. Thanks, Mama and Daddy!

Life is good:-)

Friday, March 14, 2014

5 on Friday [03.14}

Happy Friday!

I am so DONE with Blogger! Nine times out of ten my post messes up and the pictures are deleted (which is what happened with the adorable announcement I had planned!). Argh, so frustrating! Any suggestions fellow bloggers??

So, our house is at the end of a street and whenever the wind gets crazy (like it has this past week) everything blows into our yard. Trash, newspapers, mail, balls, etc-you name it, it's probably ended up in our yard. The funniest part? Daisy found an old Cookout tray in the backyard and brought it to me at 4:30 this morning. There are few things funnier than an excited pup trying to get her mouth around a big ol' Cookout tray!

 Speaking of weather, it has been craziness! Last Friday school was cancelled because of a horrible ice storm, by Monday it was in the 70's and the 80's on Tuesday, then back to the 30's yesterday and today. I can't keep up! I'm just ready for Spring and all the wonderful it brings!

 I know this is old news now, but I still can't believe it. . . we're having a GIRL! I was a 110% convinced it was a boy. In fact, we had only considered boy names at that point and only talked about boy stuff. About 10 minutes into the ultrasound David decided to change his vote to girl and after much wiggling and moving around they discovered he was right. Craziness. Back to the drawing board with girl names!:-)

Yay NC State! They won their first game last night and move on to their second game tonight. Let's hope they can hold their own against Syracuse!

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Tutus or Trucks?

Will we be picking out tutus or trucks for our little Nugget?? Let's see what the myths say. . .

Mom dreams about a baby? Girl
Is mom clumsy or graceful? Clumsy
Does mom prefer to lay on the left or right side? Right side
Is mom having headaches? Yes!
Is mom carrying high or low? High
Is baby's heartbeat higher or lower than 140 bpm? Higher
Chinese Gender Predictor Test? Boy
Is mom sick or feeling dandy? Sick for a long while
Does mom have a lot of acne? No
What does mom's face look like? Round and full
Mom's gut? Boy

Stay tuned to find out what little Nugget is!

Friday, March 7, 2014

5 on Friday [03.07]

Happy Friday!

Hooray for the end of the Olympics and the return of regular TV shows! And not just any TV shows, Scandal! Any other fans other there? Where is Maya? What's Eli going to do? What about Olivia and the Prez??

 Any other pregos out there? If so, check out Pregnant Chicken. This week's update informed me that Nugget is about the size of an iPhone-what a great comparison! I mean I love The Bump's rankings of food, but food can vary from store to store. An iPhone is an iPhone forever. And Nugget is about the size of one right now:-)

Did you read and enjoy "The Hunger Games" series? What about the "Divergent" series? Then, you have to read Marie Lu's "Legend" series! It has the dystopian theme with love and fighting and everything in between. A great read!

Heyyyy there, 2-hr delay turned into an optional teacher workday. I thoroughly appreciate the extra time to sleep and catch up on school work. And on a Friday?? What could be better??

Spring-like weather is coming our way again this weekend and I couldn't be happier! After this icky day we're supposed to hit the 60's with sunshine. Love it!

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Pandora's Box

I love me some Pandora. No, not the charm bracelets (though I do love those too!). I'm talking about Pandora, the music channel. I can't remember who exactly introduced me to it in college, but it's been love ever since. Here are a few of my favorite stations:

Rend Collective Experiment
Have you ever heard of them? If not, get on it! They are a fantastic folksy Christian group who rocks out every one of their songs with true theology. These aren't the types of songs that could possibly be a love song on mainstream radio. They take it to a new level.

Who doesn't love a good Disney song every once in a while? They play a wide array of classroom-friendly songs (yes, we listen to music in our classroom!) that jog great memories from childhood.

The Temptations
 My obsession with this station started when my students were studying The Outsiders and wanted to know the kind of music of the era. After that spark I was off. Such a feel good station that gets me in the mood for warmer days and late summer nights.

Today's Country
A wide variety of country tunes with lots of new ones thrown in there. Great for rolling your windows down and driving down a back road.

What are your favorite Pandora stations??

Monday, March 3, 2014

Let Them See You

Let them see You
In me
Let them hear You
When I speak
Let them feel You
When I sing
Let them see You
Let them see You
In me
-Colton Dixon

 This song came on the radio on the way home from church on Sunday and it really resonated with me. This is a prayer I pray every morning before school. I may not be able to verbalize my beliefs outright, but I pray that my students recognize His light in me. So often I act and think about my actions later. I try very hard to think first, but that happens less often than I wish. With this continued prayer I hope that I think and my actions stem from Him.

Most of what they see around them stems from the media. With Twitter, facebook, Instagram, Vine, etc all at their fingertips, they see more negative than they see positive. Most of their influences are worldly, not heavenly.  I pray that my students see Him in my teachings, my interactions, my relationships-everything.

Do others see Him in you?