Monday, February 28, 2011


In my last post I listed some things I love right now.  After doing my daily reading I realized pretty quickly that I only know what love is because HE chose to love me. We throw the term "love" around very loosely in our culture. Oh I "love" that store, or I "love" that movie, or even I just "love" that place. Do we really love those things though? Or do we simply enjoy them? 1 John 4:21 stood out to me the most.

"And he has given us this command: Those who love God must also love one another"

God commands us to love each other regardless of all other circumstances, but do we love each other as we should. As we "love" that movie? Or as we "love" that place? Too often we say how much we dislike, or even hate, someone and are not as quick to show our love. Oftentimes those who cause us the most pain and strife are the ones who need our love the most.

We have all known someone who dances a jig all over our last nerve. Most of the time we want absolutely nothing to do with this person. In fact, very often we do everything in our power to avoid this person, or to even hurt this person. Why? Why are we so quick to judge and avoid them? Why do we not immediately pick up on their strengths instead of their weaknesses? Why do we not love this person unconditionally despite the things they do that annoy you? In my profession I often meet people who dance that jig over and over again. My first instinct when I meet a person like this is to fuss about them to someone else, but why am I not showing my compassion for them? Why am I not praying to God for the strength to love these people as He so graciously commanded us to do?

My hope is that I stop taking the easy way out by complaining. My hope is that I act like the Christian I claim to be and love these people. My hope is that I love not just "love". My hope is that I love just as God commanded us to love.


I love the sound of thunderstorms outside. There is nothing greater than curling up with a good book with the screen door open, listening to the sound of rain pitter patter. The powerful thunder claps and bright lightning are such great reminders of an amazing God who is in control.

 Some other things I love right now:

*my wonderful hubby*
*my students and their creativity*
*early spring weather*
*my Savior*
*Girl Scout cookies*

What is on your radar this week?

Friday, February 25, 2011

Random Airport Thoughts

Apparently I had too smooth of a flight two weeks ago because I agreed to get on another one of those itty bitty planes again. What was I thinking?! Oh, now I remember, I love my hubs:-)
Isn't he cute?!

So far no catastrophes have taken place, other than a 1-hour delay, but I'm not holding my breath. After much wandering I finally found a place to set up shop, and I thought I would enlighten y'all with some Lauren airport commentary. 

(one)-I'm beginning to think passing through the sliding doors into Charlotte Douglas gives people a sense of freedom. I'm not talking about "life is good, let's all be happy" freedom. I'm talking about, "I don't have to be nice to any of you random people freedom". It's like they got a "get out of jail free" pass so they don't have to be civil anymore!

(two)-It is quite hysterical to watch people run across the terminal, and then run right back because they forgot their wife and baby. Yes, this just happened. Hopefully the wee one will forget daddy's desertion; from the look on her face, Mama sure won't.

(three)-To the man shouting into his cellphone, you may be deaf but I'm certainly not. I heard every bit of your side of the conversation and hers. For the record, I agree with Martha. You are being a jerk.

(four)-Putting your things down on a table and chair apparently doesn't make them yours for the moment. To the man who moved my things to the floor, please see number one.

(five)-Just because you get airsick doesn't mean the entire waiting area wants to hear about it in detail. 

(six)- Basketball players travel in posses at airports as well as on school campuses.
(seven)- A group of servicemen (and women) were not allowing a delay to slow them down. Why not just do a few push-ups and sit-ups in the aisle of the concourse?

The sad thing is, you can't make this stuff up. Anyone else have an interesting airport story?

Thursday, February 24, 2011

That's a Wrap!

I have a new obsession. Part of me wants to keep it all to myself so I can be guaranteed that Wally World will never run out. Lucky for y'all that part is small and completely overshadowed by the part that wants to tell the world.Wait for it, wait for it. . .Flatout flat bread! I saw these the other day when I was looking for tortillas to make quesadillas. They weren't too expensive and in a rush to escape the hell of Walmart I tossed them in the buggy. At home I layered turkey, lettuce, tomatoes, and a smidgen of sprinkle cheese. Then I wrapped it all up and dipped it in light caesar dressing. Score! Needless to say I have a new favorite meal. The best part is there are different flavors, shapes, and sizes. Yes, I realize it's a bit pathetic to devote an entire posting to food, but the heart wants what the heart wants.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Count Your Blessings

I am incredibly blessed. Far too often I get wrapped up in work and life that I forget how truly blessed I am to even have the things that stress me out. I am fortunate enough to have a job to go to every day. I am lucky enough to have a puppy to fuss at for being naughty. So on and so forth.

As many of you know this past week we had a bit of a scare when my youngest sister Abby was rushed to hospital with chest pains. I'm sure I'm going to mess up some details but I'm going to try to tell the story the best way that I can. Thursday morning she went to the health center at Appalachian after two days of chest pain and throwing up. After a series of tests they sent her to the hospital in Boone. After even more tests they packed her up in an ambulance and sent her to Forsyth Medical Center in Winston-Salem. Upon arrival they immediately prepped her for a heart catheter. After the heart cath came back clear they placed her in the Cardiac Intensive Care (CICU) unit. By Friday morning they declared she had myopericarditis (say that five times fast) and she would have to stay a few days for observations. Keep in mind that Abby is a healthy eighteen year old who avoids junk food and runs three miles a day. They treated her with Advil which David believes to be the most expensive Advil ever considering the room in CICU she had to be in to get that prescribed! By the time David and I were able to visit her Friday afternoon she was in much less pain and her stellar sense of humor was back.

We were all thrown for such a loop with this. Abby's identical twin sister, Mandy, has always been the one with health issues. When Manda Panda gets sick we're undoubtedly upset, but it's not such a shock. When we found out about Abby, it was like a smack in the face. Thank God that she is doing MUCH better and was released from the hospital today. She has a follow-up appointment in a few weeks and orders to take it easy. We are extremely blessed that she was able to walk out of the hospital this afternoon; many of the people on her floor won't. All of this got me thinking how truly blessed I am to live my life. A few things that come to mind:

*My husband. His godliness and unending faith are more than I deserve, and I thank God every day that I get support his dream.

*Our families. Between the Wards and the Mobleys we have hit a family home run. How many people can say they love seeing and spending time with their in-laws? I can! And I would never trade my crazy/wonderful family for anything!

*Our church. As I've mentioned before we attend, Hope Church Charlotte, a church-plant in the Mallard Creek area of Charlotte. We are incredibly blessed to have stumbled upon this church of true believers. If you're ever in the area, check us out Sundays at 10am!

*Our pup! She may drive me bonkers with her forest discoveries (today was a tennis shoe), but I truly love the crazy pooch.

*Our home. I may fuss about its size and location, but I love our cozy little place. It's in a great location (if you can get over the traffic!) and it is the perfect size for our tiny family.

*My job. I love teaching! I love every moment spent with "my" children! We all have our bad days, but those kids make every headache worth it. Not to mention my co-workers are hysterical.

*Technology. I am so grateful for the technology that keeps me connected with my hubs even when we are miles apart.

*Our friends. Despite the fact that some are near and some are far, I know I can call on any one of them and they would do whatever they could to help.

*Our health.While I may fuss about the aches and pains, I am healthy, and for that I am grateful.

 With one of my very best friends since the start of college

 The pup enjoying this gorgeous spring weather!

Some of the AMAZING people I get to work with!
Sunday morning at Hope Church Charlotte.

What are you thanking God for today?

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Spring Fever

Just about everyone who knows me knows how much I positively hate being cold. I mean if you happen to meet me outside during the winter the first words out of my mouth will be, "let's get inside". I can handle it up until Christmas, but on December 26 I'm ready for sunshine and sandals. Mother Nature must have been listening to my prayers because it has been gorgeous this week! We're talking sunny and 60. This Southern bird has spent every possible moment outside basking in the sun because I know it is too good to be true. I even wore a very bright yellow outfit today to get those around me into a springy mood too. So my question for you is, how do you enjoy beautiful days like this?!

Monday, February 14, 2011

It Still Feels Good

Happy Valentine's Day! I've never been into the concept of Valentine's Day. In fact, I may be the only girl in America who is completely fine receiving nothing at all from my love. Truth be told, I think we should say and do the things we reserve for Valentine's Day, every day! David and I will usually exchange cards on Valentine's Day, but not much more. With his birthday only a few days before it seems silly to go out again. This Valentine's Day he threw me for a loop and surprised me with flowers at school! I was helping a student with an activity when my class all of the sudden got eerily quiet. I turn around and there is our wonderful front office secretary (thanks, Michelle!) holding a beautiful vase of flowers! All of the girls started getting giggly and the boys just rolled their eyes. Needless to say, I was floating on cloud nine.
(Please excuse the mess that is my front table)

About an hour later Michelle calls me and asks me to come to front office after dismissal. When I get up there I found another vase of flowers! These beautiful tulips were from my fabulous in-laws. Mama Mobs, my incredible MIL, drove all the way up from South Charlotte to deliver them! 
(Please excuse the mess that is our center island. I see a trend. . .)

Then when I picked up the mail this evening I had yet another surprise! My momma sent me a GORGEOUS Pandora charm to add to my bracelet! It is an absolutely stunning heart that was actually on my wish list. I guess great minds really do think alike:-)

All-in-all today has been a fantabulous day! In honor of Valentine's Day I'd like to share David and I's story. I stole the story below from our Wedding Website:
"David and Lauren met the fall of their freshman year at State through two of their best friends. They remained friends for the next 8 or 9 months before friends began suggesting they hang out a little more, and get to know each other better. With the craziness of beginning of a new school year, plus Lauren’s insistence that David ask her out on a “real” date, they did not actually go out for quite some time. After the most awkward first date in the history of first dates they went back to David’s dorm room to hang out with friends and watch football. Despite a rough beginning at the Crapplebee’s they continued to talk and hang out until David finally got up the gumption to ask this little Southern girl out properly! Through many ups and downs, including Lauren’s younger sister’s liver transplant, they realized what they had and what a wonderful thing it had come to be. The past two years truly have been the best Lauren could ever imagine and they cannot wait to being a lifetime of love and happiness together!"

And the magical proposal that had me weak in the knees:
"Friday, October 16, 2009 started off like any other day. I woke up to a wonderful text message from David then headed off to class. We spoke periodically throughout the day, but were both busy with school assignments and errands until we met for supper that evening. As evening approached and I readied to go over to his place I began to notice he was acting kind of goofy, but I just thought he was excited about the weekend and getting a break from all the stresses of our senior year. After supper I headed over to the sorority house for our Big Sis/Lil Sis Reveal and promised to call him afterward. After the event I called him and told him I was heading out to pick up a movie and I would meet him back at my place in a bit, but he seemed super stressed. He told me that he and all his roommates had gotten into a huge fight and he was calming down at the lake near his apartment complex. I was immediately worried and asked if he wanted to be alone or if I could come see him. He said he “guessed” I could come, “uh oh, this must be really bad” I thought. So I drove the 2 minutes to the lake, getting more and more nervous. When I arrived he met me in the parking lot and we began walking along the path as he told me how upset he was. Ever the optimistic, I kept telling him it would be OK and we would work it out. As we reached a spot in the path that opened up to a clearing where you could see the whole lake, he grabbed me in a big hug. David told me how much he loved me and how glad he was that I was by his side through everything and that these had been the best two years of his life and that he can’t wait for the rest of our lives together, then he got down on one knee and said, “that’s why I was wondering if you would marry me?”. So of course I started screaming and crying and somehow managed to squeak out a YES! It turns out there was no fight and it was all part of his plan to get me out to the lake! It was all absolutely beautiful and I could not imagine any more perfect way to begin a lifetime of love and blessings!"
It still feels good. . .

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Sweet Home Alabama

The title says it all. I love it here! I'm currently sitting in Huntsville's version of an airport (it's itty bitty) watching every one walk down the main strip of the concourse. The stress of Thursday afternoon at Charlotte Douglas was forgotten as soon as I saw David-it was more than worth it! The trip was incredible from the moment I landed. I spent the weekend being spoiled more than I ever thought possible in a beautiful place! A few things I loved about it here:

*The wide, open spaces and proximity to nature was inspiring. 
*The slower pace of life reminded me it's important to slow down.
*"The higher the hair, the closer to God".
*Good, Southern cookin' CAN be found outside of North Carolina!
*Every one is so polite!
*You can look out the window and see for miles.
*The flat roads provide paths for great workouts.

And the list goes on. My opinion may be slightly tainted by the fact that my husband made sure every little detail was perfect, but I think I still would have loved it otherwise!

Thursday, February 10, 2011


I hate flying. I am without a doubt the worst flyer. Every time I fly, I over pack (well I do this any time I go out of town). I'm the idiot with 10 tubs going through the scanners. I then hold up the line while I repack all the stuff I'm never going to use, but felt the need to pack anyway. I've also been known to get very touchy in airports. I mean one wrong look and I'm convinced the whole place is going down. Add to all this the fact that I get super airsick. We're talking the whole kit and caboodle of headaches and nausea. Trust me, my own husband avoids me on flights. Dramamine is for chumps. What I need to get through a flight is a good dose of Tylenol PM.

As I write this I am sitting in an airport going through these motions. I've already done the scanner dance and ticked off a few people. When I finally got to my gate I learned that the gate was changed yet nobody chose to mention this to me! Good thing I am a type-A nutcase flyer and was stalking my flight on the US Airways's website. We're now reaching the third and final step, the air sick freak out. The plane appears to fit four lego people comfortably, meaning it is going to be a tight squeeze. Joy. Say a prayer that I walk off the plane in Huntsville and don't require a stretcher to be carted off. The only reason I would even consider putting myself through this torture is the end result; my husband!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

You Can Call Me Dr. Lauren

Last time I blogged I failed to mention another super bizarre event that Miss Daisy brought on. Sunday afternoon I was working on school while the princess did her usual "give me attention before I spontaneously combust" whine. I usually ignore her and cross my fingers that she shuts up; I was not so lucky. After about ten minutes of this she won and we headed outside (if you're wondering the current tally is Daisy-4,123,232 times, Mom-0).

So we head behind our building with the now one-armed monkey toy (a whole other bizarre Daisy story) to run around. A few minutes into this I notice that her paw is red, then I realize she's bleeding. Yuck. She doesn't even seem to notice, but the paranoid in me starts freaking out. I chase her upstairs and into the apartment. Well duh me. If she didn't pay attention to it when she was standing in dirt, she is not going to pay attention to it in the house. Next thing I know she is prancing around the apartment leaving little bloody splotches every where she steps. About this time I start screaming hysterically which she takes as a game and barks along with me. I finally corral her into the bathroom to wipe her paw off and clean up all the spots. At this point it is time for me to head over to some friends' house for the big game (GO PACKERS!). In my infinite veterinary wisdom I tied a sock around her paw with a hair tie. 

A day passes and everything seems fine. Silly me, I should know by now things are never very easy. Monday evening she is playing catch with herself when she reopens the wound and the blood begins to flow all over the apartment, again. The scene from the previous day repeats itself, but this time I wise up and call the vet. Too bad it is 6:00pm and I now have to call the emergency vet. A minute later the vet tech has me convinced she is going to get an infection and her whole leg is going to fall off. To the vet we go!

To anyone who has ever gone to the emergency vet, you know that it costs an arm and a leg just to walk in the door. Two hours and $150 later Daisy's split toe nail (yes that is all it was) is now no more and we are bound for home. The vet sends us off with instructions to avoid stairs and rest easy. I learn on the way to the car why we're staying away from challenging obstacles; she is so drugged up she runs into a parked car! A good night's sleep and she's all better. A picture below to remember her at one of her finer moments:

Fast forward to tonight when we're out walking and the stupid paw starts bleeding AGAIN. At this point the carpet cleaner isn't doing much and I'm regretting not letting the deadgum paw fall off. After yet another call to the vet tech (we're on a first name basis, her name is Stacey and we're biffles now) I learn I'm to put her paw in a bowl of flour or cornstarch. Lucky Daisy I was in a Betty Crocker mood last week and have both. The awkward paw in flour creates a whole new mess to clean up, but the blood stopped! Time will only tell whether it actually stays gone. I'm choosing not to ponder why they didn't just tell me this the first time I called. The moral of this story? You too can pay $150 to give your dog a pedicure if you call the vet after hours.

PS-I'm petitioning the vet to pay the cleaning lady's bill.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Marvelous Monday

Have you figured out I love alliteration? The teacher in me adores when words just flow together! Anywho. . . here are some happy thoughts for this marvelous Monday:

I'm hope this day finds you thinking happy!

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Mama Knows Best

My fabulous momma, Jenny Ward, came to visit me this weekend! After one of the most stressful weeks I can remember, Mama came to get me out of my funk. First we headed to the mall, then supper, then Ikea! This morning we ran a few more errands before she had to head back. It may not sound spectacular, but a those few hours out and about were some that I will always treasure. I've realized recently how important it is to spend time with family, and how precious that time is.

Happy Day!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Wisdom for Wednesday

I made it through my first month of blogging-whoot! January was a wacky month for me, and sharing it with others made it much more of an adventure. Some random thoughts taking up residence in my brain this evening:

*Hebrews 12:3: After a particularly stressful day I came home and spent some time with Jesus. My daily reading had me in Hebrews 12, and as soon as I started reading I realized how perfect it was considering my sour-puss mood. Hebrews 12:3 stood out to me. The New International Version says, "Consider him who endured such opposition from sinners, so that you will not grow weary and lose heart". This verse caught me at the perfect time. I've been feeling so overwhelmed and beaten down by the world this week. It feels like I am getting smacked in the face every time I turn around. This verse was a great reminder that God is there above all and what He conquers pales anything this pathetic world can throw at me.

*Hallmark now offers the option of ordering online! Many of you know how much I adore sending snail mail. I know, I know; I'm 80 years old. My collection of stationary grows every time I find myself out and about and see cute notes. Well, Hallmark now offers you the chance to order and design a card online! You can add music, pictures, personal messages, and all other sorts of goodies before they stamp and send it for you. Needless to say, I'm hooked!

*B-E-A-U-TI-FUL weather makes my heart happy. I could most definitely get used seeing 60 degrees on the thermometer. Anyone know who I have to talk to to get this to happen more often?!?

*It's amazing how unwavering a dog's loyalty and love can be. Recently I've been working pretty long hours away and at home. The poor dog is stuck in her crate the entire day and then doesn't get the walk she deserves, yet every evening she settles in next to me to snuggle. It's like she knows exactly when I need her the most. And I'm sure the little snot knows she'll be rewarded with another peanut butter jar in a week or two ;-)

Hope you are having a wonderful Wednesday!