Thursday, January 30, 2014

12-Week Update

We got to visit with this precious (stubborn!) little nugget yesterday

We had our 12-week appointment with the Maternal Fetal Medicine (high-risk) office. We went there specifically for a sequential screening to see what the risk of a genetic disorder was. We had the same screening done with Emerson. As with Emerson, it came back negative. This is great news, but it was great news then too. 

Our doctor spent a while talking to us about how it is likely that we lost Emerson because of a mosaic chromosomal abnormality (partial trisomy 7) and nothing else. He said that the chance of us having another baby with a mosaic chromosomal issue is slightly increased compared to another pregnant couple, but it is still very low. I asked about another screening called the "Harmony Test" but he said that it's a fairly new test and the results are often inconclusive. He also said the insurance companies don't pay for it unless you're over 35 and it's very expensive, but if we wanted it we could do it. His advice was to proceed as normal (or as normal as possible!) and if anything comes up at the anatomy scan we could chat again. 

It was such a relief to hear that he was not concerned. I asked about future appointments and he said that he doesn't see any reason for us to schedule another one before the anatomy scan in 6 weeks. While it makes me a little nervous to go so long without seeing Nugget, it is a good feeling knowing they don't need to see us!

David and I have struggled with being excited about this pregnancy. Don't get us wrong, we are completely over the moon in love with this baby and cannot wait to meet him/her, but we can't help compare to everything that happened with Emerson. Every doctor's appointment, every test result is a comparison. We are praying through this, but we ask for your prayers as well. We don't want to miss any moment of this pregnancy because we are anxious about the past.

Wednesday, January 29, 2014



That's pretty much how North Carolina reacts to this much snow: