30 before 30

  1. Add to our family (She's Here!)
  2. Go on a trip somewhere I've never been (Colorado Trip 2013)
  3. Go on a hike with David (Mind Clearing Hike)
  4. Run an entire 5k (Kickin' Some 5K Booty!) (And another!)
  5. Read The Scarlet Letter
  6. Read the Bible all the way through (The Bible in a Year!)
  7. Tour a brewery (Olde Mecklenburg Brewery, 07.28.2012)
  8. Go to a farmer's market and make a meal from only the food I buy there (Farmer's Market Feast)
  9. Buy a new car (Goodbye, Rattletrap Car!)
  10. Attend a local festival (Fun at the Fair)
  11. Go on a mission trip
  12. Do a big project on the house with David (Cabinet Makeover)
  13. Paint a room in our house (Operation Nursery)
  14. Get pictures taken of us now that we're married (June 2013)
  15. Bake a cake from scratch (found here)
  16. Watch an entire show on Netflix from start to finish (Friday Night Lights)
  17. Try one new recipe a week for a year  (foodie)
  18. Go to a winery
  19. Host a backyard cookout (Memorial Day 2012)
  20. Pay it forward
  21. Complete one Pinterest craft for every season (Fall) (Winter) (Spring) (Summer)
  22. Pursue higher education
  23. Host a dinner party (found here)
  24. Attend a beer festival
  25. Post every day for a month (found here)
  26. Write a letter a week for one year
  27. Attend a professional sporting event (Panthers Game)
  28. Watch the sunrise and the sunset in the same day (June 2013)
  29. Keep my nails painted for an entire month without picking off the polish.(found here)
  30. Host a giveaway on this blog
If I am currently in progress on something I'll put it in italics and if something is completed, I'll strike through it. That way y'all have some sort of idea where I am with my goals.