Thursday, April 10, 2014

An Overdue Update

Helloooooo! I realized I'm a bit overdue on an update, so here I am to annoy y'all again:-)

Between working on papers with my 8th graders and being pregnant I have not had much energy to do much of anything but rest and relax. Thank heavens for past episodes of The Good Wife on HuluPlus!

We are officially 22 weeks along with our sweet baby girl. We had an appointment yesterday to just check in on her and see how she was doing, and she looked perfect.

Baby girl practicing her yoga
She is measuring a few days early and weighs about 1lb 3oz. The doctor took a few measurements and said that her heart looks excellent and the blood pumping through it is "exceptional" for this point in the pregnancy. I can't tell y'all how rare it is for us to hear "exceptional" and "perfect" with regards to health. Such a relief! 

We've both felt kicks and pokes here and there. The best came last week after I drank some cream soda (out of a glass bottle-the best kind!). I was just sitting there relaxing in the sun when I felt a kick. I looked down and could see my stomach moving. I called David over and she must have known her Daddy is not easily impressed because she gave him a whopping kick. It was wonderful:-)

Thanks to everyone for the continued prayers and please keep them coming! Our next appointment is in two and a half weeks to check in again. We would greatly appreciate continued prayers for her health as well as mine!


  1. Such good news! Still keeping you in my thoughts!

  2. awww :) Love how she gave him a big kick!

  3. Glad to hear baby girl is doing so well! Take care of yourself and enjoy that cream soda!