Friday, December 30, 2011

Guest Post-Ashley at The Christian Wife Life

Today's guest post comes to ya'll from Ashley at The Christian Wife Life. Be sure to pop on over and check out her sweet blog about newlywed life!

Hello to Lauren's lovely readers! It's awesome to be here! I know why you're here - you love Lauren's blog. I do too. So I hate to disappoint you with my own ramblings but she was sweet enough to ask me to guest post, so here I am. :)

I'm Ashley and I blog over at The Christian Wife Life.

The most important thing for you to know about me is that I am nothing without Christ - I am saved by grace through Him! My #1 priority in life is to give Him glory. I am thankful for His redemption every day and I will praise His name and write about it forever. :)

I just had my first Christmas with my husband and it was FABULOUS. Being a newlywed is a blast. I basically had three different Christmases because of my other side of the family now. So, so blessed.

Now that Christmas is over, I'm left saying, "Now what??" For the past couple of months my mind has been on decorating, Christmas parties, shopping, planning, and getting ready for this awesome celebration of our Savior's birth we just had. I love that time of year, and now it's over. Kinda sad. Except for those 75% off Christmas decorations in that's not sad at all. :)

Now onto the next big thing: New Year's. You know what that means...resolutions. But what if I don't want to make resolutions? What if they're intimidating and overwhelming? What if I would only worry about them for a couple days and then forget them?

That's why I'm not going to make resolutions. No siree. Instead, how about some much more satisfying and realistic GOALS? Yes, goals. Okay, they might be kind of like resolutions, but less scary.

But how should I go about this? I've decided that before I make goals, I need to make categories for my goals. The things that are most important in my life. That way I don't sit down to make goals and think umm...stop picking at my nails. Umm...get my closet organized. I can have them prioritized.

So here are my goal categories, kind of in order of importance:
1. Faith - my relationship with God.
2. Ministry- loving others and sharing the Good News.
3. Relationships - with my husband, family, and friends.
4. Home - cleaning and organization.
5. Health - cooking, fitness, and appearance.
6. Finance - budgeting and saving.
7. Work - being efficient at work.
8. Blog - blogging and relationships with bloggers.

That about covers it. Now that I have this list, I can prioritize my goals and figure out what is truly important for me to work on. It's less overwhelming for sure!

Do you make resolutions/goals for the new year? Do you have any goal-making advice? Please do share!

If you want to know my specific goals...well, you'll have to visit my blog later. Because I haven't set them yet, haha. Maybe Lauren can tell us some of hers! :)

Thanks, Lauren! Hope you're having an amazing trip and I know we'll all be looking forward for you to get back!
 Many thanks to the fabulous Ashley for posting here!


  1. Great goal categories. I think it's awesome how open you are with your faith!

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  3. I love the order of importance for your goals. It is eye opening and makes me question some of my goals and the order of importance. Truly an inspiration, as always.