Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Stealing Joy

I often feel like I am juggling a bunch of different things in my head (Is my kid's behavior normal? Am I going to have time to complete X, Y, and Z today? Will supper be ready in time? Can I run to Target between naps? Did I remember to call so-and-so back? Am I going to have time to check Pinterest for that? How did she get her kid to do that at that age?). I am not very good at silencing everything around me and taking in the moment so when one of the mentor moms at a recent MOPS (Mothers Of Preschoolers) meeting asked us to discover what what stealing our joy I knew I needed to pause and search my heart for what is keeping me from full submission and rest in the Lord. 

What is stealing your joy today?

What is causing you emotional (or physical) discomfort? What is causing you to pause and proclaim, "I'm so stressed!"? Is the perfect family on Facebook with their 2.5 polite kids and dog that never runs away or barks? Is it Pinterest with its unattainable perception of reality? It is greed over what your friend has that you don't? Is it a to-do list a mile long with unattainable tasks? Is it the family whose toddler seems to always listen and never pitch a tantrum? I ask again, what is stealing your joy today?

I was convicted by this question. It seems like an insurmountable obstacle some days to find that peace, but she challenged us to seek what is stealing our joy and replace it with God. So now I am challenging you to pause and ask yourself, what is keeping you from full rest and joy in the Lord? How are you going to eliminate that from your life and find more rest in God? 

What is stealing your joy?

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