Friday, May 2, 2014

5 on Friday [05.02]

Happy Friday!


 While Mother Nature may have hit us with some nasty stuff for a while, it has been beautiful these past two weeks! So thankful for this gorgeous weather and all the outside time it brings!

People keep asking me if I've had any crazy sort of cravings and the answer is: not really. At the beginning I could really only stomach sushi (not the raw kind!) then I loved strawberry applesauce (but, who doesn't?) and there hasn't really been anything else to stand out. It more comes that I have to have something right then and there and then the craving passes (hello, cream soda and orange creamsicles). Any other pregos have cravings?

 We have ants. I shudder even thinking about them again. We noticed them Wednesday evening while cooking supper and I went into immediate attack mode. We managed to kill all the ones we saw (thanks, Lysol spray!) and I got ant traps yesterday for any lingerers. Bleck!
 Um, how is it May already?? Not that I'm complaining because that's one month closer to baby, but still. Holy cow, this year has absolutely flown by!

Hellooooooo, fellow Starbucks fiends! Half-priced frappuccinos are back at Starbucks from 3pm-5pm until May 10. You're welcome.

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