Tuesday, May 13, 2014

The Princess Reigns

Let me set the stage for you on last night's adventure. . . We're coming up on my bedtime when I notice the calendar says it's time for the princess to receive her flea and tick medicine. Okay, no biggie. I get it out of it's little box, grab a treat and some peanut butter and begin creating a concoction to hide the medicine. I give it to her then turn around to clean up assuming she ate it. You know that saying about "assuming"? Yea, well let's just say I shouldn't have assumed.

I look in the den and see a mound of PB stuck to the carpet. Lovely. The princess had eaten the entire treat and licked the PB around the medicine, then spit the medicine back out. No one said she wasn't smart. I tried putting more PB on it and giving it to her. She rolled it around in her mouth before spitting it out. I found David outside talking to a neighbor and told him I was done with her antics and it was his turn. He tried the commanding dad role and told her to eat it. She spit it right back out on the ground. He then tried shoving it down her throat, which she promptly spit back out.

By this point I'm laughing out loud. How is this four-legged creature besting two college graduates?? David is fuming at this point and stomping around the kitchen trying to get more PB to wrap it in before he hides it in her food. She eats ALL the way around the medicine, licks the PB, and still leaves it there. Y'all, I'm almost on the ground I'm laughing so hard. 

I give up and head upstairs for bed, and the princess follows me. David comes up to say goodnight, still in a tizzy. After laying down beside me for a few minutes he decides he's going to try wrapping it in leftover chicken. As you can guess, Daisy loved her chicken snack, but still didn't eat her medicine. She then decides she's probably pushed David's buttons enough and goes to hide in her "house". This is the same "house" that she refuses to go in on a near-daily basis when I leave for work in the morning. I guess she realized she was nearing the end of her luck!

So, who won the battle? Well, the medicine is on a paper towel on the kitchen counter and there are two humans hanging their heads this morning. I guess it's safe to say the princess still reigns;-)

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  1. Our dog does the exact same thing. We have to open her mouth, put it as far back as possible and then hold her head up and hold her jaw shut and rub her throat till she swallows. Sounds horrible, but she gets over it pretty fast.