Monday, July 13, 2015

A few of our favorite things. . . 6-12 months

A few months ago (6 months to be exact;-) ) I put together a list of some of our favorite things for parenting Amelia Grace from birth to six months. There are SO many lists out there suggesting what to buy to help you parent and even more products to choose from so I narrowed it down again for the next six months! Here are a few of our favorite things. . .

Jog Stroller
We were gifted with this AMAZING tool and we couldn't be more thankful. We use it at least once a day, but most days even more. This thing has gone to the beach, walked to grocery stores, strolled to Starbucks, and helped us explore our new digs. If you are at all active, I highly suggest adding this to your list of must-haves!

High Chair
I fought this for a while. I thought we'd be just fine with a little booster we could just strap to a chair and call it a day. Not so much. We ended up going with the Graco Dubliner 3-in-1 high chair and couldn't be happier. It allows us to have a highchair AND a booster to strap to a chair all in one. Definitely a win!

"Stand Up Thing"
I know there is a better name for it, but that's what it was referred in the Mobley house. She spent hours in this thing. First it was just standing and staring, then it was twisting and turning, and finally it was jumping and screaming. She loves this thing and I loved that it kept her trapped entertained.

Bath Seat
This little gem became so helpful as she started to sit up and become more active. We were able to have her sit unassisted in the tub as we cleaned her. Super helpful! 

"Eating Jacket"
This too has a fancier name, but we just referred to it as the "eating jacket". These were wonderful when she was first navigating the waters of food introduction. They helped save quite a few outfits there at the beginning!

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