Tuesday, July 21, 2015

My Lighthouse

Every morning while I'm making breakfast and Amelia Grace is playing, I put on music in the background. She has always loved listening to music and since music is great for a baby's development it's a win-win. For a while we were rocking out to a Raffi station on Pandora, then it was the Kids and Family station on iTunes Radio before we switched to my personal favorite-Rend Collective. (Rend Collective is an AMAZING contemporary Christian band who remind me a lot of Mumford and Sons-kind of folksy.) 

Much like Pandora, when listening to iTunes Radio you can identify songs you like and they play other songs similar to that one. Well, the first song that came on was "My Lighthouse"-a personal fav. I quickly told the minions inside our AppleTV I liked it in hopes they would play it again soon. As I danced around the room with AG she laughed and giggled and we certainly got our praise on!

The next morning we turned on the radio and "My Lighthouse" came on again-whoo! This time, before I could even pick Amelia Grace up to dance she crawled over to me and lifted her arms to be held. She then nuzzled down on my shoulder and hugged me tight. 

*Cue the tears*

We danced around the room and sang as loud as we could the entire song. When it was over she motioned to get down to play and we went about our day. Fast forward to the next morning-she did the same thing! Y'all my sweet, wiggly, wild toddler willingly nuzzled down on my shoulder for the entire song. Amazing. How precious it is to worship our wonderful Lord and Savior with this incredible gift in my arms! I know she doesn't understand the weight of the words yet, but with prayer and His guidance we will one day be able to raise her to.

You better believe we now own that album and will be playing it until all our technology dies and it no longer works ;-)

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