Monday, August 3, 2015

12 Month Update

Happy ONE YEAR, little love!

So much happiness! 

Legs for daysssssss 

Big smiles! 

Oh lookee here. . . 

Now that I've taken the sticker off, I'm going to try to put it back on;-)

Height/Weight: She was 31 inches tall and 22.5 lbs at her one-year check up. So this all means that her height in in the 90-95th percentile (is anyone surprised by this?) and her weight is in the 60th percentile. Whooooo healthy baby!

Clothes: She is rocking out the 18 month clothes and a few 24 month. I've heard the rapid growth slows down because if not all those great clothes I bought at consignment last season aren't going to fit!

Likes: This happy girl likes just about everything. She loves anything musical and crawling around on her daddy. She is also a big fan of going up the stairs and having us race to catch her before she can go flying back down. 

Dislikes: Not a huge fan of us trying to make her walk by holding onto her hands. She just hoists her legs up and plops down on her behind!

Milestones: She can stand on her own but hasn't been brave enough to take a step yet. She also has another tooth popping thru, but this one is one of her vampire teeth! She's going to look so funny with two on the bottom and a vampire tooth on the top:-P She has also figured out that putting stuff away can be just as fun as taking it all out. Thankful she learned that little trick!

And a little side-by-side comparison for a year. . .

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