Monday, August 31, 2015

Charleston Getaway!

You know what's one of my favorite things? Birthdays. Birthdays are one of my favorite things! I mean, I love everyone's birthdays but mine are my most favorite;-) This year I was super excited to be able to celebrate in Charleston, SC (another one of our favorites!) as we celebrated our fifth wedding anniversary and my birthday all wrapped up in one!

We hit the road Friday morning leaving the babe with David's parents in our rearview mirror. Don't get me wrong, we love our girl more than life itself, but a kiddo-free weekend is priceless! Since it had been a while (a whole two months!) since we had been to the beach we headed there first. Apparently, the rain hadn't been in a while either and followed us to the shore. We sought shelter under an umbrella our hotel had out with some chairs and hunkered down with a few Bud Light Limes (I'd like to argue the best beach beer that exists). The storm passed and we were able to walk the beach and enjoy the rest of the afternoon. We decided to stay on the island for supper and headed to Taco Boy for some fantastic tacos and a not so fantastic drink. Has anyone ever had a "sangrita"? Well, don't. It tastes nothing like a sangria or margarita! We then traipsed across the street to Snapper Jack's for live music and a dozen oysters for David. We ended the evening watching HGTV's new show about tiny houses and devouring cupcakes. Perfection.

The next morning we were woken earlier than ideal by a fire alarm and siren throughout the hotel. David moved at a turtle's pace, but we finally made it downstairs only to learn there was no fire and that someone had hung their wedding dress on the sprinkler head in their room. Whoops-a-daisy! At least we all got a show and I got to people watch to see what everyone wore to bed that night, te he he. We decided to seize the day and headed down the road to the Lost Dog Cafe for breakfast. Another delicious Folly Beach meal in the books. We hit the beach for a few hours before heading downtown.

One of my favorite parts of Charleston is downtown. Between the food, the shopping, the drinks, the people, the history, the shows-it's hard to really pinpoint what makes it so wonderful. Just take my word for it. We enjoyed a late lunch at The King Street Grille before hitting King Street and the Market for some shopping. We wandered all about before heading to Pearlz for drinks and more oysters. If you are in Charleston and like oysters with any fiber of your being you have to go to Pearlz! David and our waiter actually persuaded me to try them and I ate more than one! Haha. I ate about half a dozen and didn't hate them. I doused them in cocktail sauce and lemon juice and served it on a saltine, but it was good! While we were enjoying our happy hour snack David happened to look up and see some good friends of ours from Charlotte strolling by. Say what?? They were in town for their fifth anniversary too! WHAT??? We were able to catch up for a bit before we headed back in to finish our snack.

We then headed to the water to walk around a bit before our dinner reservation. We quickly decided next time we came and brought Amelia Grace we had to head there for her to splash around and play. We wandered around for a bit and even saw a few dolphins! We were quickly approaching our dinner reservation and walked towards Poogan's Porch. This Charleston classic is known for being the most haunted spot in Charleston and while we didn't see a ghost we did enjoy a fantastic meal. I had shrimp & grits and David ate (in his words) "the best fish he ever had". We then rolled ourselves over to Kaminsky's Dessert Bar for dessert before heading back to the hotel where we crashed from a crazy long day of walking.

Sunday morning we woke up and hit up the Lost Dog Cafe again before a fantastic walk on the beach. Talk about a great start to a birthday! We rounded out our trip with a quick visit to the outlets before hitting the road to head home. It was a wonderful way to ring in 27 years!

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