Friday, June 27, 2014

High Five for Friday [06.27]

Happy Friday!

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 David surprised me by making reservations at our favorite local restaurant for our anniversary. The food was incredible (as always) and we ended up taking dessert home and devoured it as we watched the NBA draft. A great night in my book:-)

Daisy has taken her "princess" status to a new level. I've been trying to walk outside in the mornings before it gets too hot out and every morning I get the leash out to bring Daisy. The little princess has taken to sitting on "her" stoop and just looking at me. The dog won't even lift her head! I guess she has decided she is above daily walks. Homegirl is in for a rude awakening in a couple of months!

Speaking of a couple of months, we are officially 33 weeks-eeeeek!

Everyone keeps asking me if the nursery is done and the short answer is, no. The long answer is that it's almost done, but there are just a few things here and there we have to finish. As we finish those things up I've taken to crafting a few things to add. Separate post coming soon!

When we first found out we were pregnant I was worried about the timing and how I would miss the start of the school year. Now, I know that God knew what he was doing giving me time off to rest and prepare before she comes. I don't know how all my formerly prego friends were able to teach being this tired and huge! Thank God for His timing!


  1. Can't wait for a nursery post! Love that poof.

  2. Aww so sweet of him to make the reservations!!!! Yes, can not wait to see the nursery! :)

  3. Dinner looked delicious! One of my parents dogs has taken on the "prince" role. He wont even eat his dog food unless you bring the bowl to him.. spoiled! Can't wait to see the nursery!