Wednesday, October 29, 2014

3 Month Update!

Happy 3 months, little love!

Practicing her Heisman pose.

You want a knuckle sandwich?

My doll baby isn't very big anymore!

Height/Weight: Through my super scientific method of weighing myself holding her, then putting her down, then weighing myself I was able to determine she weighs about 14 pounds. My arm muscles are definitely feeling the weight of that!

Clothes: She is mainly wearing 3-6 months with some 6 month clothes. It's so heartbreaking packing up all her little clothes that she'll never wear again :-( But I am definitely glad she is healthy and growing!

Likes: Still loves her tummy time and now that her neck is stronger she picks her head up and swings it back and forth showing off-haha! She also loves when her daddy whistles to her. She is also a big fan of the baby in the mirror above her swing.

Dislikes: We are blessed that she is generally a happy baby! She is still not a fan of getting out of the bath, but who is? 

Milestones: She is cooing up a storm! She will also "talk" to her daddy every evening when he gets home from work. It is the sweetest.thing.ever. More purposeful smiling and giggles which melt our hearts.

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