Wednesday, October 1, 2014

2 Month Update

Happy 2 months to our little love! 

Happy 2 months baby girl!

 Compared to her doll baby.

All smiles

Dancing and playing

Are you sure you wanna make fun of all my rolls and chins?

Someone partied a little too hard at the photo shoot. 

Height/Weight: Amelia Grace clocked in at 22.25 inches and 11 lbs, 11oz at her two month appointment. That puts her in the 52% for height and 71% for weight. So right now we have a short porker:-)

Clothes: She wears mainly 3 months and some 3-6. Even though she doesn't seem very tall, all her 3 month footie pajamas squish her. 

Likes: tummy time, being outside, her playmat, ceiling fans, snuggling/falling asleep on our chest, sleeping in her crib, and her pacy.  

Dislikes: STILL hates sleeping on her back, spitting up while she sleeps (who wouldn't??), not being in her bed when she gets tired, getting out of the bath, and shots.

Milestones: Holds her head up for a while now! She's also smiling and cooing, and focusing more on different things as she sees them. 

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