Monday, October 20, 2014

Asheville Adventures Part 1

Have I mentioned how much I love North Carolina in the Fall?? There are so many wonderful things you can do here that really show you some of God's wonders, and we got to experience some of them! 

We kicked started our weekend a little early on Friday by heading to Sky Top Orchard in Flat Rock, NC about 45 minutes outside of Asheville. This was our second year venturing here after such a great experience last year. We were extra excited to bring Amelia Grace and Daisy this time around. We thought that by going on a Friday earlier in the season we wouldn't have to fight a big crowd, but we couldn't have been more wrong! Last year we parked in the front parking lot, walked right up, picked our apples, got our doughnuts, and headed home. That was definitely not the case this time!

As any parent knows, nothing is the same when you add a baby to the mix! We parked at the back of the orchard and started the march in. We weren't two minutes from the car when I felt something wet on my hand. You guessed it, little miss had exploded poop all over her precious Halloween outfit. Good thing I got a picture before we left the house;-) 

David and Daisy continued the march in to explore the situation while Amelia Grace and I went back to the car to clean up.  Once we were all set we met back up and decided to wander around. We didn't realize how much they had to offer! Daisy was a big fan of the farm animals while Amelia Grace decided that a nap was a bit more fun. 

We attempted to pick apples, but so many were already gone so we cheated a bit and bought some that had already been picked. We decided the hour-long wait for doughnuts was a bit much so we ended up with a delicious apple pie instead. A worthy trade if you ask me!

After we'd had enough of the orchards we decided it was time to head in the direction of Asheville. Part two coming later this week!

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