Tuesday, November 5, 2013

A Tough Guy

This past weekend David proved his manhood and completed a Tough Mudder! 

A few months ago his good friend, Steve, asked him if he would be interested in doing it with him. David loves these kind of challenges and quickly signed up for the 12-mile run sprinkled with various obstacles. They both figured they would have plenty of time to train and didn't really worry much about it. Fast forward those few months of little training and the day was here.

If they were scared they didn't really let on. They admitted they were a little nervous but seemed fine otherwise. Caroline (Steve's fiancee and my former roommate!) and I wished them adieu and they were off. We stayed back in the comfort of our cozy clothes and the couches and chatted while they put their bodies through the ultimate tortures. Every so often we'd look at the clock and get anxious for them, but we knew we'd get a call from the hospital if something terrible happened. 

We finally received a call that they had finished in 3 hours and 20 minutes with no major injuries-WAHOO! We were so proud of them and hurried to prepare the house for their return. We got the towels ready, pulled out the sofa bed, ordered the pizza, and poured the beer. After showering, chowing down, and drinking up they shared stories from the big day. Both boys said they would definitely do it again. Caroline and I said we would definitely wait from home again;-)

Before and After

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  1. I have heard about this race and it seems so intense! I love how you stayed on the couch I would have done the same thing!