Monday, November 18, 2013

Goodbye Rattletrap Car, Hello Gorgeous!

I have posted quite a few times on the rattletrap car, aka Suzy Subaru, aka the clunkiest car that just wouldn't die. I saved and saved and saved in order to finally have a car of mine and I was so proud the day I was able to walk into the car dealership and buy her outright all those years ago, but that was all those years ago. 

I bought Suzy my freshman year of college so I had something to travel back and forth from home to State with. I adored her when I saw her on the lot and couldn't wait to call her mine. To be honest I would have adored anything after driving a 1987 Honda Accord (the car I drove in HS that my brother had kindly killed when I went to college). She was a great little car, but after years and years of driving she slowly started to fall down the hill and was soon referred to as the "rattletrap car" thanks to all the rattling she produced. 

Fast forward to this summer when I fell off the road trying to avoid being run over by an eighteen wheeler. This lead to tire issues and the discovery of more problems. After averaging a grand a year every year for the past three years, we began to consider a new car. It wasn't until David took her in for a routine oil change and they reported yet another new problem did the hunt officially begin.

Last Monday we visited the Hyundai dealership and we found the perfect fit for us. After some haggling on David's end we were able to get an incredible deal and on Friday this beaut joined the fam:

This is my brand-spankin'-new 2013 Hyundai Tucson! It's going to be hard to top a name like Suzy Subaru, but we're gonna try. Any suggestions??


  1. Isn't it the best feeling to buy your first brand new car? I got mine back in March and love it more every day! Congrats, girl!

  2. Yayyyy!! That's awesome!!! Gorgeous car!! My mom has a Hyundai & loves it!