Thursday, November 14, 2013

Anniversary in Asheville (Part 2)

Saturday morning gave us a rare treat in our house-sleeping in until 8:15am! We're both such early risers during the week that the weekend usually follows the same pattern. We tossed and turned for a bit before rolling out of bed and heading back downtown for breakfast.

We got a few suggestions on this as well, but settled on Early Girl Eatery-we were not disappointed! We got there about 8:50am since we they opened at 9am. There was already a line when we arrived, but we made it just in time because after they seated us the wait jumped to 45 minutes! 

After a scrumptious breakfast we headed down the road to do some hiking. Neither of us brought gear for an intense workout, but we knew we wanted to take in some of the beauty that surrounded us. What made it even better was the park we ended up at had an exhibit by a famous Lego builder with Legos! How nifty!

We wandered/hiked for about an hour and a half before heading back to the hotel to freshen up to head back downtown. We were still stuffed from lunch so we hit up Hannah Flannigan's for beer and nachos. We highly suggest their Irish Nachos!

Then we were off to shop and see Asheville. I love this eclectic city and all the neat things it has to offer. Poor David was a trooper despite not loving all the shops. Maybe it was the sweet potato chips we picked up from the Gourmet Chip Company that made it bearable;-) 

After a few hours of that we attempted to go to 12 Bones to take part in the awesome BBQ everyone reccomended. Too bad they were only open for lunch. We ended up at Asheville Brewing Company for pizza and beer. No complaints from us!

Whether it's because we were exhausted or old we headed back to the hotel soon thereafter to watch football and hang out.

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  1. Where did y'all stay? I love Hannah Flannagans - they have about 3 different types of hard cider on tap. And you definitely can't go wrong with ABC!