Monday, March 17, 2014

Life is Good

I haven't really done a "life lately" post in a long while, so I figure I'll go ahead and update you on the shenanigans of our world!

First of all, don't drink the water at school. . .

Going left to right, I'm due in August, Brittany is due in June, Stephanie is due in April, and Rachel is due any day now! And our principal had a baby this past December. Gotta love this season of life:-)

Speaking of babies, how precious is this sweet face??

Our anatomy scan went really well last week. The doctor and ultrasound tech said everything looked great and SHE seems to be growing very well. She was already 8oz (a smidge bigger than the usual 6oz they see around 18 weeks) and had the four chambers of her heart and lobes of her brain. Yay! Another relief was that she didn't have a cleft palette, which is always a concern with the presence of prednisone. Praises all around! 

David isn't a huge fan of the doctor at the high-risk OB, but I love him. He's a straight shooter who doesn't try to hide anything. David hates the fact that he has NO bedside manner. I love the fact that he lets me come back whenever I want just to ease my mind. So, we will be going back in a week and a half to just make sure everything is still going well because the 20 week mark is around the time they think Emerson passed. We would appreciate any and all prayers over the next couple of months as we navigate this scary (for us) time period.

Thursday included a special delivery to my classroom. . .

Beautiful pink roses from my daddy to celebrate our baby girl! And Friday included two more gifts for this spoiled girl. . .
To say her grandparents are wrapped around her teeny, tiny finger would be a very accurate statement. Thanks, Mama and Daddy!

Life is good:-)

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