Thursday, March 6, 2014

Pandora's Box

I love me some Pandora. No, not the charm bracelets (though I do love those too!). I'm talking about Pandora, the music channel. I can't remember who exactly introduced me to it in college, but it's been love ever since. Here are a few of my favorite stations:

Rend Collective Experiment
Have you ever heard of them? If not, get on it! They are a fantastic folksy Christian group who rocks out every one of their songs with true theology. These aren't the types of songs that could possibly be a love song on mainstream radio. They take it to a new level.

Who doesn't love a good Disney song every once in a while? They play a wide array of classroom-friendly songs (yes, we listen to music in our classroom!) that jog great memories from childhood.

The Temptations
 My obsession with this station started when my students were studying The Outsiders and wanted to know the kind of music of the era. After that spark I was off. Such a feel good station that gets me in the mood for warmer days and late summer nights.

Today's Country
A wide variety of country tunes with lots of new ones thrown in there. Great for rolling your windows down and driving down a back road.

What are your favorite Pandora stations??

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  1. I'm listening to Pandora as we speak! Big Daddy Weave Radio!