Monday, December 29, 2014

Christmas Crazy 2014

I love the hub hub and crazy of the Christmas season, and this year was certainly crazy-at one point there were four dogs running around my parents' house. We felt like the Bumpus family from A Christmas Story! But I'm jumping ahead of myself. . .

We started our celebration the weekend before Christmas with the Mobley side of the family. David's parents and brother were headed to Florida for the NC State Bitcoin Bowl Game (which they won! GO PACK!) so they wouldn't be around to celebrate Christmas Day. We had a great time relaxing and enjoying each other's company while also sneaking in a few round of Mexican Train Dominoes! It was the perfect way to kick start the celebrating and fun:-)

How many adults does it take to make a baby smile?

Figuring out this Christmas thing. . .

We then hung around and spent a few days relaxing and visiting with various friends before the big day. We usually spend the days surrounding Christmas traveling in every which direction (and there was definitely some of that!), but we made a point to wake up at our house Christmas morning so we could celebrate just the three of us. I don't know if it was the excitement of the special day or the prednisone insomnia kicking in, but I woke up at 2:30am on Christmas Day and despite all my best efforts could not fall back asleep! So you better believe I was jumping out of my skin with excitement waiting for David and Amelia Grace to wake up. Ironic that the baby slept most of the night, but the momma couldn't. . .

Well, hey there!

Family selfie waiting for Christmas Eve church to start

With some of her loot!

After we exchanged presents and got oodles of pictures of the bebita we hit the road to Winston Salem to see my branch of the family tree. With five kids (three of whom are married) it was a bit of a challenge to coordinate everyone's schedules, but we managed to get seven out of eight of us together for a couple hours! My brother, TJ, had duty at Camp Lejeune, but will be joining us for New Year's! After presents and visiting we snuck in a few rounds of the favorite family game, Catch Phrase, before turning in for the night. The celebrating continued with brunch the next day with more of our wonderful extended family.

FaceTiming with TJ at Camp Lejeune!

Things got cuckoo at times, but it was cuckoo in the best kind of way! We are so blessed to have so many people come around us with love and generosity in this beautiful season. Adding Amelia Grace to the mix this year made it that much more special and we can't wait for her to get even more involved next year!

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