Wednesday, December 10, 2014


Just about every family has some sort of tradition. Whether it's to go to this person's house on Christmas Eve or to wait until all the kids are awake to go bounding down the stairs-there is some sort of custom that is followed. As we approach our first Christmas with a wee one we are much more aware of the traditions we want to keep!

One of our favorite traditions is the three gifts. David and I have always exchanged three gifts at Christmas. This helps remind us of the three gifts that were brought to baby Jesus, as well as to not go overboard on useless things! We give a "want", a "need", and something faith-based. Some times it's bigger things like a new coat that you "need" and sometimes it's new cookie sheets. Some years you "want" something to add to the garage gym and some years it's a movie. It's fun to see how things change every year! 

This is a tradition we want to keep up with Amelia Grace. Being the first bebita on both sides has some advantages and one of them is all the goodies! With that blessing we are able to focus on specific things she may "want" (as much as a baby can want that is!), "need", and show her Jesus. Between our house and that of our family's, I have a feeling this Christmas will be very good to her ;-)

Another tradition that is important to us is waking up at our house Christmas morning. I can't remember a time not waking up at our house and racing downstairs (after everyone was awake of course!) to see what Santa brought us. In fact this year will be a bittersweet because it's the first Christmas I won't be doing it at my parent's house will all my siblings, but instead we will be doing it at our house with our baby girl! I remember how much time and work my parents putting into setting up the presents and even creating obstacle courses to block us from getting downstairs too early, and I can't wait to do that for Amelia Grace! 

Something else that we started this year with our Community Group is participating in Operation Christmas Child. This is something David always did growing up and something we want to keep up with our kiddos. We want her to know that the Christmas season is not all about the presents, music, and treats, but instead about continuing to share the good news of Jesus Christ with all and that includes giving back at every opportunity!

And a tradition that I'm not too fond of, but the hubby loves-guessing gifts! I love the surprise of opening it and not knowing, but my beloved adores guessing the gifts. Anyone else do that??

I'd love to hear some Christmas traditions that you follow, or suggestions you have to add to our list! We right at the beginning so there's room for many more;-)

Helloooooooo, David Mobley!


  1. We always have pizza for dinner on Christmas Eve and have Sara Lee Pecan Coffee Cake for breakfast on Christmas morning! Den's mom always put one of those round candy cane wreaths in their stockings and we did, and still do, that for our children and grandchildren.

  2. We always had a "birthday cake for Jesus"! It was a special dessert, and we all sang Happy Birthday...because it is, after all, HIS birth that we are celebrating! Merry Christmas, sweetheart!!! Love you so much!!!! Your sweet little girl will reveal some new and precious traditions as the years unfold...God bless, GrandBobbie xoxox