Wednesday, December 31, 2014

5 Month Update

Happy 5 months, little love!

Practicing my yoga moves

All smiles!

Hands in mouth are the new norm.

I'm not eating my friend, what are you talking about??

Height/Weight: Using our bathroom scale she weighed in at 16.6 lbs! A healthy girl!

Clothes: Lots of 6-9 month and 9 month clothes. Though she did wear a 9 month jacket the other day and it left creases in her chunky little arms! Haha! 

Likes: Homegirl loves when people clap and celebrate her-I mean who wouldn't? ;) She also loves her daddy and gets so excited to see him! She also loves her daddy. As soon as he is around her face lights up!

Christmas Break snuggles with Daddy!

Dislikes: Not a huge fan of the Nose Frida, aka the booger sucker. She'll tolerate it at times, but mostly wriggles away as fast as her body will let her!

Milestones: She has found her feet! She loves to practice her yoga poses and grab her socks right off. She also seems to have figured out she has hands and can do fun things with them, like grab at her elephant on her play mat or bring things to her mouth. She started showing an interest in eating so she's tried a few foods at this point and loves it! She is definitely a Mobley with her appetite;-)

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