Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Mother's Day Love

This was not my first Mother's Day, but this Mother's Day was the first one I had a little love to hold in my arms, and boy did she make it special! 

This past weekend Amelia Grace decided after weeks of propping herself up and rocking back and forth that she would finally crawl a few "steps"! It was so exciting to see her do it after trying to piece together the process for so long. She still seems to prefer to roll about, but she's getting used to doing it more and more!

She (i.e. David) also surprised me with the sweetest journal with her little hand and foot print. So, now, instead of years of cards piling up I will have one place for all of them AND I get to see her grow and change throughout the years. LOVE IT! She also decided to gift me with the fancy hair cut and color I so desperately need. That baby girl knows the way to her mama's heart ;-)

We started the day at church and ended it relaxing on Lake Wylie with a stellar nap and some shopping in between. All-in-all it was a fabulous day!

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