Thursday, May 14, 2015

Tiger World

We've been fortunate that as David leaves his current company he has the flexibility to take some time off to tie up odds and ends. After a weekend living as nomads traveling around the state of North Carolina in an attempt to desert our house for showings, we wanted to do something different. Enter, Tiger World. 

This little gem is tucked back in the middle of nowhere and if it weren't for the high praises I'd heard about it, we would have probably turned around as we traveled down the dirt road to get there. David loves big cats and routinely begs for one to add to our family. While I'm not going to give into that request, I knew we could go visit some. We grabbed my little buddy, Logan, from preschool and we were off!

I was impressed from the moment we got there. The goal is to get you as close to the animals as they can safely, and they definitely did that! While most of the animals were enjoying nap time it was still awesome to see them lounging about. Our favorite was their newest attraction, Michael. Well, I should say everyone but Amelia Grace. 

When we first sat her down next to the very thick glass enclosure (before everyone goes and thinks we're horrible parents) she wasn't the least bit fazed. Michael on the other hand was very intrigued and moved toward the glass. That scared David a bit so he picked her up before she even knew what was going on. We tried again and it was the same story. So when Michael was turned in the other direction we sat Amelia Grace down next to him for a photo opp. That would be the first picture below. The second picture is when both she and Michael noticed each other and she started screaming bloody murder! I'm not sure what it was but the poor girl lost it so we swooped in to save her. Every subsequent time we sat her down next to an enclosure of any of the animals she lost it. Guess she doesn't have her daddy's love for big cats, haha.

All in all it was a great day and I would love to go back before we move. We saw that they have special feeding showings on Thursday evenings too!

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  1. love the second picture! You can't tell she's crying, ha!