Friday, June 5, 2015

Discovery Place Kids

This past week we were invited by some dear friends of ours to join them at Discovery Place Kids for a morning of play. David was working in Raleigh so I jumped at the chance to talk to an adult-even if it meant being surrounded by zillions of littles, haha. My only regret is that we didn't visit sooner!

We spent most of our time in a special section dedicated to the younger crowd (babies-3 years) and Amelia Grace loved it! She had a blast at the water table and crawling around the floor inspecting all the neat toys. She also crawled around a foam pit and took a gander at herself in their giant mirrors. She then capped off the morning by getting in her friend Hans' cool-dude car for a hot date;-)

What do you mean they have a giant area for me to crawl in? 

Love the water! 

That's a big's not going on my head too, is it? 

Biker chick 

I can help Daddy with the lawn now 

Hey, girl, heyyyyy 

Neither of them looked very excited about their date-haha!

It was a fabulous morning that I wish we could repeat sooner! Guess we'll just have to sneak in a visit next time we're in Charlotte!

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  1. AG's hair is KILLING me in that first picture! I love it!