Monday, June 1, 2015

Preparing for Departure

One week from today a team of packers will be descending upon our home and packing up four years of memories. A week from tomorrow we will be pulling out of our driveway for the very last time. 

Cue the tears

Don't get me wrong, we know that God is guiding us to Raleigh and has wonderful plans for our family there, but the ache of leaving our first house is pretty raw right now. This is the house we pinched pennies and saved for. This is the house we sought for months. This is the house we watched come together from the bare bones. This is the house we hosted countless community groups and family gatherings. This is the house I healed in after Emerson and the same house we brought Amelia Grace home to a year and a half later. 

Our first house.

I know it's only a house and there will be others, but this house will forever be our first. 

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