Sunday, February 13, 2011

Sweet Home Alabama

The title says it all. I love it here! I'm currently sitting in Huntsville's version of an airport (it's itty bitty) watching every one walk down the main strip of the concourse. The stress of Thursday afternoon at Charlotte Douglas was forgotten as soon as I saw David-it was more than worth it! The trip was incredible from the moment I landed. I spent the weekend being spoiled more than I ever thought possible in a beautiful place! A few things I loved about it here:

*The wide, open spaces and proximity to nature was inspiring. 
*The slower pace of life reminded me it's important to slow down.
*"The higher the hair, the closer to God".
*Good, Southern cookin' CAN be found outside of North Carolina!
*Every one is so polite!
*You can look out the window and see for miles.
*The flat roads provide paths for great workouts.

And the list goes on. My opinion may be slightly tainted by the fact that my husband made sure every little detail was perfect, but I think I still would have loved it otherwise!

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