Monday, February 14, 2011

It Still Feels Good

Happy Valentine's Day! I've never been into the concept of Valentine's Day. In fact, I may be the only girl in America who is completely fine receiving nothing at all from my love. Truth be told, I think we should say and do the things we reserve for Valentine's Day, every day! David and I will usually exchange cards on Valentine's Day, but not much more. With his birthday only a few days before it seems silly to go out again. This Valentine's Day he threw me for a loop and surprised me with flowers at school! I was helping a student with an activity when my class all of the sudden got eerily quiet. I turn around and there is our wonderful front office secretary (thanks, Michelle!) holding a beautiful vase of flowers! All of the girls started getting giggly and the boys just rolled their eyes. Needless to say, I was floating on cloud nine.
(Please excuse the mess that is my front table)

About an hour later Michelle calls me and asks me to come to front office after dismissal. When I get up there I found another vase of flowers! These beautiful tulips were from my fabulous in-laws. Mama Mobs, my incredible MIL, drove all the way up from South Charlotte to deliver them! 
(Please excuse the mess that is our center island. I see a trend. . .)

Then when I picked up the mail this evening I had yet another surprise! My momma sent me a GORGEOUS Pandora charm to add to my bracelet! It is an absolutely stunning heart that was actually on my wish list. I guess great minds really do think alike:-)

All-in-all today has been a fantabulous day! In honor of Valentine's Day I'd like to share David and I's story. I stole the story below from our Wedding Website:
"David and Lauren met the fall of their freshman year at State through two of their best friends. They remained friends for the next 8 or 9 months before friends began suggesting they hang out a little more, and get to know each other better. With the craziness of beginning of a new school year, plus Lauren’s insistence that David ask her out on a “real” date, they did not actually go out for quite some time. After the most awkward first date in the history of first dates they went back to David’s dorm room to hang out with friends and watch football. Despite a rough beginning at the Crapplebee’s they continued to talk and hang out until David finally got up the gumption to ask this little Southern girl out properly! Through many ups and downs, including Lauren’s younger sister’s liver transplant, they realized what they had and what a wonderful thing it had come to be. The past two years truly have been the best Lauren could ever imagine and they cannot wait to being a lifetime of love and happiness together!"

And the magical proposal that had me weak in the knees:
"Friday, October 16, 2009 started off like any other day. I woke up to a wonderful text message from David then headed off to class. We spoke periodically throughout the day, but were both busy with school assignments and errands until we met for supper that evening. As evening approached and I readied to go over to his place I began to notice he was acting kind of goofy, but I just thought he was excited about the weekend and getting a break from all the stresses of our senior year. After supper I headed over to the sorority house for our Big Sis/Lil Sis Reveal and promised to call him afterward. After the event I called him and told him I was heading out to pick up a movie and I would meet him back at my place in a bit, but he seemed super stressed. He told me that he and all his roommates had gotten into a huge fight and he was calming down at the lake near his apartment complex. I was immediately worried and asked if he wanted to be alone or if I could come see him. He said he “guessed” I could come, “uh oh, this must be really bad” I thought. So I drove the 2 minutes to the lake, getting more and more nervous. When I arrived he met me in the parking lot and we began walking along the path as he told me how upset he was. Ever the optimistic, I kept telling him it would be OK and we would work it out. As we reached a spot in the path that opened up to a clearing where you could see the whole lake, he grabbed me in a big hug. David told me how much he loved me and how glad he was that I was by his side through everything and that these had been the best two years of his life and that he can’t wait for the rest of our lives together, then he got down on one knee and said, “that’s why I was wondering if you would marry me?”. So of course I started screaming and crying and somehow managed to squeak out a YES! It turns out there was no fight and it was all part of his plan to get me out to the lake! It was all absolutely beautiful and I could not imagine any more perfect way to begin a lifetime of love and blessings!"
It still feels good. . .

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