Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Backstreet's Back!

This has been the summer of concerts around here, but there has been one unlike any other-Backstreet Boys! That's right, ladies, BSB is back in action and better than ever! The singing and choreography took us back in time quite a few years and the memories they brought with them were priceless. Backstreet is definitely back!

So excited for the show! 

Everybodyyyyyyyy, yeaaaaaa!

Please take note of the one male at the entire concert behind us. I guess he decided he was going to pick up all the chicks by taking off his shirt. Uh, not so much. Instead we just wanted to feed him cookies because he was so skinny!!

Photobombs galore!

It was a top-notch night that none of us will ever forget. Hooray for the chance to relive our tween dreams:-)

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