Monday, August 19, 2013

Times Have Changed-Long Distance Relationships

Today's investigation has us taking a look at long distance relationships. Any one of us who has ever been in one knows how truly miserable they are. David and I spent some time apart the summer between our junior and senior years at State and again for six months during our first year of marriage. I remember the anguish of not actually seeing him as much as I wanted, but thinking back to it, we had it a lot better than so many others!

First of all, thank God for cellphones! Without our handy dandy phones I can only imagine the bills that would have racked up. Not to mention we could talk at just about any time of day (minus the evenings he was working night shift, ain't nobody got time for that) without worrying about being tied to a house phone. These handy dandy phones also allowed us to send text messages whenever our hearts desired. Can you imagine what the soldiers and their wives would have done with texting during WWI and WWII?! 

We also had our computers which allowed us to email our misery of being apart in just a few moments. A heck of a lot quicker than sending snail mail. Not to discredit the truly wonderfulness of receiving letters in the mail, it's just helpful when it gets there that much quicker. The computers also made it possible to see each other's lovely faces through Skype. David never had to worry about missing out on my bedhead thanks to this fantastic invention! 

Funny Weekend Ecard: Let's plan a weekend getaway alone in our apartments on our computers.
This was us pretty much every weekend for a while!

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