Thursday, January 16, 2014

A Good Night's Sleep?

Sleep, who doesn't absolutely love it? It seems like so many of us race around day after day trying to get through everything on our busy to-do lists that we wear ourselves down to the point of constantly craving sleep. Sleep has always been something I've valued and not taken for granted-ask anyone close to me. If I'm tired, I'm turning in. I don't care how crazy a party is getting or how exciting a movie is, if I'm tired there is no force strong enough to keep me awake.

Enter pregnancy.

Pregnancy (especially the early weeks) will knock you right off your feet. The amount of fatigue your body feels as the little bugger sucks all your energy is crazy. Christmas Break could not have come at a more perfect time as I created a steady routine of sleeping and laying around on the couch resting. It was glorious. 

Enter prednisone.

Then reality hit with my kidneys and I was back on the steroids, but honestly the timing was pretty good there too as I got back into the school routine and lost my ability to nap whenever my heart desired. The steroids gave me the boost of energy I needed to make it through each day without collapsing from pure exhaustion.

So, where am I now?? I'm somewhere in between. Little nugget is still zapping me of a lot of the juice I need to be a functioning member of society, but that's when the steroids step in in the mornings. Come see me around 8am and I'm a bundle of crazy. As the day trickles on that energy boost wears off and I get sleepy. Oh, so very sleepy. By 5pm this old lady is ready for supper and fighting to keep her eyes open at 6. I refuse to let myself get in bed until 7 which is when I read until my eyes close (usually about 20 minutes or so).

Sounds like a great system, right?? Wrong! The pregnancy bladder and dreams kick in a few hours later and I'm up trying to get all that taken care of. And thanks to the prednisone, once I'm up, I'm up. The poor dog has been confused more times than not over when it is actually time to wake up and get ready for the day. 

Don't get me wrong, I am so extremely thankful to be having these problems right now, but I will not be sad to see them go!

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