Thursday, January 23, 2014

Circling Prayers

Our church is beginning a six-week long campaign following the path of Mark's Batterson's The Circle Maker

Heard of it? Batterson challenges readers begin "praying circles around their biggest dreams and greatest fears" with full and complete faith in God. What a beautiful concept.

The first sermon in the series focused on praying bold prayers and avoiding weak, vague prayers. How often do we ask God to take care of us or our family without praying for deep specifics? God wants to answer our prayers. He wants to hear all that is going on in every crevice of our hearts, but if we just skim the surface we are limiting the possibility of our relationship with Him.

Our pastor challenged us to write down our biggest prayer and circle it. He asked us to get specific and deep with God. It didn't take me five seconds to decide what prayer I wanted to circle; the prayer that is constantly on my mind and heart:

A healthy baby at the end of a safe, full-term pregnancy.

I am writing this prayer down and circling it. I am getting specific with God and asking Him for not just a blessed family, but specifically a healthy baby whom we are able to meet when he or she is ready to join us in this world.
What prayer would you circle and get deep with God?

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