Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Side Effects

Thank you for all the kind words, thoughts, and prayers! We are very thankful to be surrounded by so much love. Let me back up and kinda of fill y'all in. . .

The Sunday after Thanksgiving I realized I was late, so I went ahead and took a pregnancy test. It was negative, so I moved on with life and continued getting ready for church. I didn't think much about it again until that Friday when I still hadn't gotten my period. On a whim I took another pregnancy test and it was positive! I rushed out to Target and took another, then chugged some water and took another-all positive! After eight months of trying and doctor's appointments with less than heartening news, we couldn't believe it. We couldn't believe this incredible good news.

The next week we were at the general OB for no other reason than to confirm the pregnancy. We made an appointment for two weeks out to test for a heartbeat. In that two weeks I visited my nephrologist (kidney doctor) to let her know and we sat on pins and needles. On the 23rd we went in and heard little nugget's heartbeat for the first time. It was strong and clear even at six and a half weeks!

We went through the Christmas festivities and the nausea and ickiness kicked in a big way. Lots of lolling about and forcing food down my throat. No fun, but totally worth it! Then a few days before New Year's David noticed my face was kind of swollen. I then realized my rings were tight. Uh, oh. . . I called the nephrologist who called the OB who called me into the office. They took labs, we chatted, and we got to hear nugget again. The next day (praise for doctor's working on Saturdays!) they called me and passed on the unfortunate news that I was displaying signs of minimal change disease again. 

I was heartbroken, but not surprised. I knew once the swelling started (I looked like Rocky took a few slugs on me) and my leggings were leaving crease marks that something wasn't right. They put me back on the steroids (ughhhhh) and set me up with an earlier appointment with the high-risk OB. 

So, what do we need? Prayer. And lots of it. I wish I could say I'm not scared, but I'm terrified. Terrified for little, helpless nugget and the effect of the steroids. Terrified I'm going to have kidney failure. Just flat out terrified. After putting all my faith and trust in God for so many other circumstances, I know I should do the same now and I'm getting there. But until then, we could use all the prayers you can give.