Friday, February 14, 2014

5 on Friday [02.14]

 Happy Friday, folks!

Day two and a half of Snowmageddon 2014 and I am pleased to report the sun is out! It's not melting very quickly, but it's still happening. I'm on board with Kelly and Michael's #endwinternow movement!

 Have y'all heard of The Food Babe? If not, go investigate! She is absolutely amazing in her crusade to rid this world of icky food. Her recent efforts have included: ridding Subway bread of harmful chemicals, getting Chick-fil-A chicken to serve antibiotic-free chicken, and eliminating wood pulp from Kraft mac-and-cheese.

Gillian Flynn is a rockstar writer! I downloaded Dark Places last night after loving Gone Girl so much. Note to self, don't read so close to bedtime! 

 Happy Valentine's Day! We're not big celebrators of the holiday and buy more into the concept of "everyday should be like Valentine's Day", but it's still fun to have a holiday to celebrate! Our celebration will probably include much the same as a regular Friday night, but that is perfectly fine with me!

Thank heavens for Pinterest! I have spent quite a few hours trolling these past few days and have found all sorts of suppers, snacks, and crafts to occupy my time. Well, that is if I ever manage to get up off this couch. . .;-)


  1. Happy Valentine's Day! Love ya, girl! :)

  2. YES!!! I subscribe to the Food Babe!!! She rocks!!! Cheers to that!!
    Just started following you on GFC, love! Happy to be reading along!