Friday, February 21, 2014

5 on Friday [02.21]

 Happy Friday, folks!


 Seriously, Teeter?? How are you already putting out Easter things? Did you know that Easter is super late this year?


 How beautiful has the weather been these past few days?? I am LOVING the fact that it is hitting 70 and staying there! We're just going to ignore the yucky cold they are calling for next week. . .

 No one can ever say that Nugget and I aren't getting our daily recommendation of fruit! My kids always make fun of me, but they're easy to eat and super yummy. Oranges and the squeezeable applesauce have become my go-to snack at school.

 February is a busy month for appointments for me. A few years ago I decided to schedule ALL my yearly appointments (eye doctor, dentist, vet, etc.) to get them out of the way. Stupid me forgot that those appointments would be back in a year! Argh! Toss in the regular OB, the high-risk, and the kidney doc and there go all my afternoons. Fun times all around!

Remember last week and how obsessed I was with Gillian Flynn's Dark Places?? Well, I finished that one and downloaded Sharp Objects and finished in a day! Anyone have any other suggestions similar to her?? I'm not normally into the creepy stuff, but it's so twisted and deep I can't put it down!

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  1. AH I miss Harris Teeter!!!! I don't know I am not going to complain about the bunny Sweettarts!