Thursday, February 13, 2014

Spoke Too Soon. . .

Welp. I may have spoken too soon. . .

I took that picture this morning when we woke up. Since then it has snowed another inch with no signs of stopping. Le sigh.

I've not hidden my extreme hate for snow and cold. And the roughly six inches we've gotten so far have not helped that case. I must admit it is absolutely beautiful to look outside and see a winter wonderland and to see Daisy have a conniption fit running around in it. If only it could magically disappear overnight. A girl can dream, right?!?

It started coming down pretty hard only minutes after I posted yesterday about the total lack of snow. It hasn't stopped since. It's switched between snow and an icy mixture, but has kept on coming. I was able to get home quickly and safely with no issues (thanks for letting us go early enough yesterday!), but poor David's 20-minute drive turned into an hour, and even that wasn't bad compared to what others faced!

They both love them some snow.

Chasing each other around.

She decided she was done with the cold at that point.

We've pretty much holed up with no intention of leaving for a while. The overprepared nut in me is genuinely scared we're going to run out of food, and at this rate, we might!

A few of our recent snacks. Yes, the Mobleys will be tripling in size during Snowmageddon 2014.

So, any Netflix suggestions? Any fun things we can do while cooped up? Any books I should download? 

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