Friday, July 18, 2014

High Five for Friday [07.18]

Happy Friday!

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Have any of y'all ever seen Army Wives? I am totally hooked and embarrassed to admit how many episodes I have watched this week. Probably not the best show to watch when hormonal and pregnant, but I can't stop watching now!

We are officially 36 weeks. Holy canoli.

At this point you've probably heard the song "rude" by MAGIC! and if you haven't then you've been living under a rock. Ever since we first heard it David will ponder what he'll say one day when someone asks to marry Miss Amelia Grace. I think this dad has the right answer.

New favorite dessert? Vanilla ice cream with Junior Mints. Seriously addicted.

In between back-to-back episodes of Army Wives I have managed to totally nerd out on a new book-The Romanov Sisters by Helen Rappaport. Not exactly light poolside reading, but I'm really getting into all the crazy of this family.

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  1. I love that song! I have two girls, so I can't imagine when that day comes!