Monday, July 21, 2014

Our Scaredy-Cat Dog

If you follow along on Instagram or Twitter you may have seen a few posts here and there about Daisy and her complete and total fear of loud noises. 


Anything from David dropping weights in the garage to a thunderclap is enough to send this dog straight into my shrinking lap. What baffles us is that this is a fairly new thing! When we we'd only had her about a week we went out for date night and left her in her crate at our apartment. While we were out a crazy storm came through, so we hurried home to see if our new pup was okay. She was sleeping. I'm not even kidding, slept through the entire apartment-rattling thing. We were so pleased to have gotten drenched as we cut our date short to check on her. Not. 

The fireworks have always kind of freaked her out, but never as much as they did this year (hellooooooo, drooling and teeth chattering shakes). And David dropping weights is something she's heard for YEARS, yet as soon as he starts working out she comes running to me and follows me around the house. The list just continues to grow.

A few of her biggest fears. . .
the new baby swing
David working out
the neighbors' obnoxiously loud car revving

 I can only imagine what Amelia Grace's screams are going to do to her old lady nerves. . .

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