Thursday, July 3, 2014

Kidney Update!

After almost four months of no appointments I had a visit with the nephrologist (kidney specialist) yesterday, and I am pleased to say everything looks good!

My blood pressure was a smidge higher than normal, as was the amount of protein in my urine BUT both are normal in pregnancy and do not seem to be signs of issues with my kidneys. This was such an incredible blessing to hear considering how much stress pregnancy can put on your kidneys. In fact, I was convinced for the entire first trimester that I wouldn't even make it this far in the pregnancy because of my kidneys not cooperating. We seem to have found the magic concoction of meds with a very low dose of prednisone (10mg every other day) and lots of water. Whoo hoo!

My next appointment will be a month or so after the baby is born since the doctor sees no reason to be concerned-I didn't even have to play the stuck pig for labs yesterday! Until then we continue to ask for your prayers that this good news continues! 

Te he he, I couldn't resist. . .

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