Monday, February 16, 2015


The first year of a baby's life includes lots of firsts. Some are lots of fun

rolling over, smiling, walking, talking

Others are not


 Sick baby would only sleep in Mama's arms:-(

We're currently in the second category in a big way. Amelia Grace was diagnosed with RSV and an ear infection last week. I know our kid is not the first one to ever get sick, but this is the first time we've dealt with it and it's scary business!

It started last week with some congestion and a cough. She didn't have a fever so we treated the symptoms and figured her little body would fight it on its own. The next day she was still congested, but her cough was definitely better so we figured she was on the upswing. Then came Friday. Poor girl was so congested even the Nose Frida couldn't relieve her! At Nurse Gigi's insistence we made a doctor's appointment for that afternoon. 

I was watching the sweet little boy I've started babysitting for so David had the pleasure of taking her in. They quickly diagnosed her with RSV and an ear infection in one ear. They showed him how to do the oh so fun breathing treatments and sent him on his way with a sick, increasingly cranky babe.

Oooo crinkly paper

The good news is that aside from the tailend of the breathing treatments she is still a happy baby! She  is definitely still sick but homegirl is not letting her get that down. Who cares if there is a lava flow of snot coming out of her nose, she still wants to play. And boy does she want to play! The medicine in the breathing treatment has the same effect on her as the prednisone does on me so she is jacked up! 

Taking her breathing treatment like a champ.

Aside from the breathing treatments and antibiotics for her ear we've also been using essential oils like it's our job. I recently became very interested (i.e. obsessed) by them and after doing loads of research bought the starter kit from YoungLiving. Between diffusing them in her room at night and lathering her up at every diaper change she has been covered-and I definitely think they are helping! Aside from a few random stirrings she is still sleeping like a champ despite the congestion and cough. 

Our medication station

We appreciate the continued prayers for healing and know that He is continuing to work in her!

Side note if you are interested in learning more about the essential oils, please let me know! I would love to share!!


  1. I love the nose frida! Ashby is finally realizing that it helps her breath and easier if she just stays still while I do it instead of fussing. Best of luck with the LO!