Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Winter Weather

This seems appropriate after yesterday:

It's quite comical really. We get a smidge of ice and we are all sent into a bread and milk sandwich panic while Boston has had over 70 inches of snow in less than a month. I think it's safe to say we may overact just a smidge. BUT in our defense, we're not prepared for this kind of weather! Yea, they salted the roads when they heard it was coming, but that can only do so much when it's sleeting and the ice is freezing in a lovely skating rink-like sheet. Snow is one thing, but ice is not something to mess with! And that's what we've had so far.

It snowed a few flakes Monday afternoon before turning into sleet and freezing overnight. We awoke Tuesday morning to what looked like an inch of pretty white snow, but as Daisy quickly realized was snow frozen over into a slippery skating rink. Boooooo. There goes our first snowy adventure with the babe. Probably a good thing as she is still fighting this RSV (though she is doing much better!).  By afternoon the roads were pretty much just slush and by late afternoon they were pretty clear, but to be on the safe side all the local schools closed again for Wednesday.

A whole day with Daddy?? How did I get so lucky?? 

Sister snugs

So, where does that leave us? Waiting. They're calling for more wintery mix this afternoon with freezing temps tomorrow. And this southern bird is not exaggerating on the cold either. It's dipping down to two degrees tomorrow morning and Friday's high is only in the teens! The high! We're also supposed to get more of an icky mix on Saturday. We're not prepared for this long-term mess! My sweet friend, Jess, and I were texting back and forth yesterday wondering how long it would take Daisy to build a tunnel between our houses and if we would go cuckoo from cabin fever while we waited-haha! Until we can convince Daisy to dig us some tunnels we'll be hanging out by the fire in our cozy clothes counting down the days until Spring. . .

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  1. aw that last picture is adorable!! I want some snow, dang it! Not this sleet/icy mess!