Monday, February 2, 2015

6 Month Update

Happy 6 months, little love!

Daisy kind of crashed our party this month.

"Mmmm this sticker tastes good."

She hears a lot of "gentle hands" these days

"Is this what I'm supposed to do, Daisy?"

Anddddd we're done.

Height/Weight: According to our visit to the doctor she weighs in at 17 lbs, 5oz and is in the 73rd percentile for weight. She is 26 inches long which is about 57th percentile. It seems she grew out from our four month appointment, but not up! Haha.

Clothes: Sticking in the 9 month clothes range these days. Some 6-9 stuff still, but it's a squeeze. 

Likes: She loves her some Daisy. She will just stick her hands out for Daisy to lick and can't stop giggling when she does!

Dislikes: She's in a phase of loving mommy and daddy and not many others. I know it's just a phase, but it's wearing on me! She also hates the transition from bath to pajamas. It's a battle every night!

Milestones: She loves rolling from her tummy to her back, but hasn't quite figured out how to get from her back to her tummy. She has recently discovered how to take her paci out of her mouth and put it back in. She's not consistent, mind you, but she knows the process! She's also getting better about sitting up and staying up by herself. I just love watching her sitting up playing with her toys!

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