Wednesday, April 1, 2015

8 Month Update

Happy 8 months, little love!

 What's this thing you've got on my head?

I'm too excited to sit still!!

Doll babies make excellent peek a boo tools.

 I'm gonna get you!

Who? Me??

Height/Weight: Still not sure on this one. I'd say she's around 18-19 lbs, but we'll find out officially at her 9 month check up next month. She's super long too! Her legs go on for dayssssss.

Clothes: Still hanging out in the 9 month clothes with a few 12 month items for length.

Likes: She loves being outside and now that the weather is nice we get out as much as we can. She loves to clap and smile and play. Such a happy baby! She also LOVES to eat. She would sit in her high chair and eat all day if I let her.

Dislikes: She is definitely getting much more of a personality and will let her know when she doesn't like something, but overall she is a very happy baby. We thank God every day for the blessing that she is :-) I will say she is not a big fan of yogurt unless I mix in pear puree, but only pears. She ate a whole pear herself last week!

Milestones: She is clapping about anything and everything! She is also feeding herself like a champ these days. She has tried all sorts of foods and aside from the yogurt really hasn't opposed much. We also have officially stopped nursing :-( She seemed to be weaning herself and would only sit still for the first feeding each day, so the timing of the medicine worked out well.

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  1. Another perfect milestone report!!! She is thriving, beautiful, wonderful, majestic and PERFECT!!!!! She is also much bigger than her dolly now, and that is so adorable!!!! Love that she loves the outside, as there is so much to see and enjoy out there!!!! Cows, trees, grass, butterflies, neighbors, kids, pets...there is so much to see and explore!!! Kiss that precious girl for us, sweetheart!!!! We love her so much...and we love and miss you and David more than we can say!!!! We are praying for all of you daily...and know that YOUR health and well-being will be perfectly overseen by the Lord's Hands. God bless, your loving and adoring GrandBobbie oxoxoxoxxoxo