Wednesday, April 15, 2015

The Hair

If you've seen a recent picture of our daughter it's likely you have noticed something about her. . . the hair.

Our little love has been gifted with a unique mane, one that prompts random strangers to strike up conversations. I'm not kidding when I say someone says something. It cracks me up! I should start making bets with people when I leave the house-I'd be a millionaire in no time!

Sometimes of the things I hear. . .

Has your baby been playing with a balloon?
Look at that hair!
Did your baby stick her finger in a light socket?
Her hair is so crazy.
Did you electrocute your child?
Mama, look at that baby's funny hair.
Did she just get out of the bath?

And the list goes on. Does it bother me? Not in the slightest. I find it quite humorous, to be honest! Poor kid comes by it honest-my hair was a hot mess until I was almost two. Looks like we're in for the random comments for a while longer;-)

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