Monday, April 20, 2015

Weekend Visits

This past weekend we ventured up the road to Raleigh to visit with some friends and introduce Amelia Grace to one of our favorite cities. 

This being our first time taking her with us longer than an hour away we planned to follow thru with the regular bedtime routine and then pop her in the car so she could sleep on the way there. Well, she was so excited NOT to be getting in her crib she did her little "dance party" routine (picture arms and legs going crazy as fast as she can make them go) for the first 15 minutes we were in the car. She eventually settled down and dozed on and off. She was a trooper and settled in pretty well once we got there-whoooooo!

Friday morning we wandered around town in betweens naps and showed her some of our favorite places. That evening we regrouped with our friends for a fabulous supper at a local Mexican restaurant. 

Saturday included more wandering and the opportunity for our fabulous hosts, Steve and Caroline, to babysit a bit. Hopefully she didn't scare them off of wanting their own kiddos;-)

That afternoon we hit up the Blues and Cue Festival in downtown Raleigh where we enjoyed delicious local brews, fantastic BBQ, and awesome Blues. Aside from the cuckoo amount of people when we first got there, it was a lot of fun. And Amelia Grace is definitely a Carolina girl who loved her first taste of Blues music and BBQ. 

Sunday morning found us back at our old church, Vintage. They have since moved locations, but other than that it was like we had never left! 

While we didn't get to visit as many people as we would have liked there will be plenty of time for that later. Until then we will remember this stellar weekend and look forward to the next!

The fam minus Daisy. 

Kisses from Auntie Caroline. 

David was rocking it. 

 You have a baby. In a bar.

AG loves Bark Boxes just as much as the dogs do!

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