Monday, April 6, 2015

Health Update-April 6, 2015

It's that time again-your weekly look into my cuckoo body. . .

So last week I told y'all we were headed back to the GI doctor to find out the official results of the MRCP. I was crossing my fingers it was something fairly routine like gallstones. Unfortunately, that doesn't seem to be the case. After more review of MRCP and the corresponding labs the doctor is concerned I may have another autoimmune condition called primary biliary cirrhosis or PBC. This is characterized by a constricted bile duct (which they saw on the MRCP) and elevated liver enzymes. 

I don't really have many of the symptoms, but there is a possibility I could develop them later (jaundice, itching, extreme fatigue). Most patients with PBC don't really have symptoms until they are very sick. We won't know for sure if I have this until they complete a liver biopsy, which is scheduled for next week. 

While autoimmune conditions are not hereditary, PBC may be related to PSC (primary sclerosing cholangitis) which is what my sister has. We think that's why the doctor is ordering all these tests and being careful. We are fervently praying that this is all a fluke and the doctor is being extra cautious for no reason at all!

All of this is going on in conjunction with my kidneys still doing their own thing. I have an appointment with the nephrologist this week to see if the cytotoxin is helping at all. I sure hope it is because it is wrecking havoc on my body! Some days are better than others, but I've been very nauseated and very tired recently. Love it when I can coordinate a mommy nap with a baby nap;-) I've also been very "out of it". So, if you're talking to me and I seem to zone out or can't do simple math, bear with me! Haha. 

Thank you for your continued prayers-they are what's getting me through! Your support, prayers, and well-wishes have been very comforting and I reread them when I'm feeling icky, so thank you!!

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  1. Well, sweetheart, I sure didn't want to read that you are going to have a liver biopsy, but I am certain the good doctor is taking every precaution, given the family history...and your very own special have ENOUGH to contend with!!!! We are stepping up our prayers for this upcoming biopsy, because we want it to go without a glitch, and long for the doctor to declare, "well that was a waste of time"!!!! We want all those responsible for overseeing your medical care to be at the "top of their game", with the smartest and wisest insights into every possibility...looking at the "whole picture", zooming in for a "close up", and then putting all their educated heads together to "solve" the mystery and puzzle of what is causing your problems!!!! We pray for HEALTH above all else!!! We want you whole and well, up and running, full of energy, joy, jubilation and spunkiness...all those things your little Amelia Grace has!!! We all know she got it from her mama!!!!! Take every opportunity to REST...dust bunnies never killed anybody!!! Laundry can pile up, dishes can be washed tomorrow or the day after!! You are NOT "Mrs. Clean"!!! You are a mom, and everything else around the house can "take a number" and you can address these things at your leisure and when you feel better!!! Don't worry about trying to keep a "spit shined" house! Don't fret about "simple meals"!! You don't have to cook majestic meals every night!!!! Nobody will starve and YOU just might get better NOT doing so MUCH!!!! Pull back (like all the other moms in the universe!!!) and discover the joy of LESS is MORE time for YOU!!!! YOU need to give YOURSELF all your loving care!!!!! Amelia Grace is so happy and precious because of YOU, not your clean house, or folded laundry!!! Give that girl what she needs...YOU!!! Snuggle together, read her another story, and let her sweetness and snuggling renew your tired body and soul!!!! Love you soooo much!!!!! God bless you, your loving and adoring GrandBobbie xoxoxoxoxoxoxo